Real Estate

  • Real estate documents can be delivered to our office in person, by mail, or electronically.
  • Since recording fees for documents that involve registered (or Torrens) property vary, please contact our office for the correct fees.
  • All documents that are recorded electronically must be submitted through one of our trusted submitters.
  • The State of Minnesota requires that a Certificate of Real Estate Value must be submitted when more than $1,000 of consideration is paid for the property.
  • All Certificates of Real Estate Value must be submitted electronically. If you have any questions about the eCRV, please feel free to contact our office.
There are two ways you can search our real estate records from home:

  • Laredo; if you are interested in a monthly contract please contact us or download the Laredo On-Line Access Agreement for more information.
  • Tapestry; if you are interested in a pay-per-search model.