Birth and Death Certificates

We have the vital records (birth, death, marriage) for Big Stone County dating back to about 1880. Since we are on-line with the Minnesota Department of Health, we are able to issue a certified copy of any birth record that occurred within the State of Minnesota from 1933 to today.  Certified copies of birth records that occurred prior to 1933 will have to be entered by the State prior to issuing the certificate; therefore, we will mail the certified copy to you.  We can also issue certified copies of death records for any death that occurred within the State of Minnesota after 1996.  Certified copies of death records that occurred in Big Stone County prior to 1997 can also be obtained in our office.

In order to obtain certified copies of birth or death records, you must fill out an application, show tangible interest, and provide photo identification (usually a driver's license or passport). If you do not have photo identification, someone who has known you for two years AND has photo identification can provide a Statement to Identify, which will enable you to obtain your birth certificate. The Statement to Identify form can be found below.

If you visit our office in person, the birth or death certificate will be issued while you wait, with the exception of historical births. If an in-person visit isn’t possible, the signed and notarized application can be mailed to our office, emailed to one of the addresses on the Recorder’s home page, or faxed to us at 320.839.6394. Provided the application is in order and the proper payment is submitted, either by check or credit card, we will mail the certificate(s) the day we receive the application.

If you are unable to pick up the certified copy of your birth or death certificate, a third party can pick it up for you. Please complete the appropriate Authorization below to accomplish this.

A noncertified copy of your birth record can also be issued at a reduced cost. These are usually requested by genealogists, where the birth certificate is not intended for a legal purpose (driver's license, passport, etc.). 


Application for Birth Certificate
Application for Death Certificate
Statement to Identify

Application for Noncertified Birth Certificate
Application for Noncertified Death Certificate
Authorization to Release Birth Certificate to 3rd party
Authorization to Release Death Certificate to 3rd party