Child Support

Child Support
The Child Support Program provides five major services to public and non-public assistance applicants to assist with collection of child support obligations.  Services include paternity establishment, parent location, establishment, modification and enforcement of child support orders, and collection and distribution of child support payments.  

To learn more about child support and services available, check the Department of Human Services website or contact our agency at 320-839-2555, and ask for the Child Support Unit.

For questions about direct deposit Child Support Payments, verify payments credited to your child support case, or to request changes to your direct deposit account - call the Child Support Payment Line at 1-651-431-4340 or toll-free at 1-800-657-3512.

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The Department of Human Services has created a video - "What Every Mother and Father Should Know" to help new, unmarried parents decide how they want to establish parentage and understand the benefits.  You can view the video below.