Foster Parent Information

The following is general information foster parents need to know:


Even though you are licensed, this does not mean you will get a placement.  Once a child comes into care and a placement becomes necessary, we will contact you via phone or email, depending on the immediacy of the placement need.  You have the right to say no to any placement request.


As a licensed foster care provider, you are a mandated reporter.  This means that if you suspect abuse or observe marks on any children in your care you must call Intake at Big Stone County Family Services at 320-839-2555 and make the report of what you saw and/or heard.  If you suspect abuse of a vulnerable adult, call the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center toll-free number at 844-880-1574.


Once you get a placement, you need to keep a record of the child(ren) in your home.  You should have their names, date of birth, when they came into your home, when they left your home, any incidents (like bumps and bruises you want to document), and medical appointments.  You can keep a notebook with the information or you can use the Placement Records for Foster Child form.


When children are placed with you, a placing worker must give you prior approval to purchase clothes for the child(ren).  The placing worker will give you a maximum dollar amount you can use.  When you buy the clothing (which does not include diapers, formula, or car seats) it is important to document each receipt with the initials of the child next to every item purchased for them.  You can get separate receipts for each child if you have more than one child so you can write the child’s name on top of the receipt instead of next to every item.    


If you are traveling outside of the state, you must inform the child's placing worker.  In Big Stone County, if the child is involved in a court process, the court must issue a Court Order that gives permission to the provider to travel over state lines with the child.   


Every foster child qualifies for Medical Assistance.  Because foster children have Medical Assistance you can get reimbursed for your mileage to and from medical and mental health services so long as it is prior approved.   


Sometimes it's hard to find a dental or medical provider for a foster child.  Minnesota Department of Family Services has a Minnesota Health Care Provider directory.  By clicking here you will be directed to the website so that you can find a provider in your area.