Hazardous Waste


Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is managed through special collections here in the county.  Collections are advertised via postcards to taxpayers and through the local radio station and newspapers. During the special collections the collection site is the County Highway Garage  at 437 Minnesota St. across from the athletic fields in Ortonville. If residents miss the collection they can dispose of HHW at the regional facility located in Willmar  you can also give them a call at 320-231-3587 or email JAY.BAKER@KCMN.US for more info about their facilities. 

Used oil, oil filters, antifreeze can be also disposed of behind the County Highway Garage at any time.

Rechargeable batteries, cellphones, and ink cartridges can be brought to the office free of charge. For answers to other questions relating to your solid waste management needs please call our office at 320-839-6376.

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