Big Stone County AIS Board has made education its number one priority when it comes to AIS. Making sure the citizens are aware of the dangers and consequences of AIS is a big deal. By educating people about AIS they can take their corrective actions to make sure they are not transporting them. These people will hopefully then educate their peers on how not to transport AIS and why it’s a big deal.

Big Stone County’s AIS boat inspections are a great way to educate the public. They show watercraft users what they should do to comply with Minnesota law. While inspecting they let the users know what they are looking for and explain the potential dangers if they don’t. Big Stone county also uses the county fair and expos throughout the year to educate the public.

boat trailer

Big Stone County uses some of its AIS funds towards the University of Minnesota 4-H Extension office. The Extension office has created an Aquatic Robotics program. The robots are remote-controlled and go underwater. They have cameras on them so the kids can see the world beneath the water’s surface. They are taught how to identify AIS and can use the submersibles to find them. Teaching kids is a great way to educate the public. To learn more about the robots used please visit the SeaPerch website.